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A Modern Wolfman’s Take on Classic Country

In finishing up the score for Daniel Robbins’ modern werewolf tale, “UNCAGED”, we were asked to help with some source music; create an old-timey country tune playing through the car stereo, as the lead actors begin a moonlight, backwoods drive. A simple country shuffle and the right amount of twang was needed to suggest a rural, perhaps timeless locale. What a perfect opportunity to revisit “Full Moon”, the Unrequited Werewolf Love Song we wrote for┬áJeremy Saulnier’s Murder Party back in 2007. We brought in our good friend/frequent collaborator/gifted crooner Craig Hendrix to sing the lead in our Johnny Cash-inspired cover version. Thus, a new (old) country band, Larry and the Talbots, (fictitiously pictured below) was formed. Our lead single follows a lone wolfman cowboy in search of true love in lieu of his horrible curse. Have a listen:



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