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Junkyard Pitch

Pitching a ton of new music/cues for a film currently in development. We’re trying to include a good bit of percussion, as a way to build suspense/tension, however, we didn’t want to just bang on some drums. We headed down to the junkiest old warehouse known to man and beat up on a few old pianos, steel tubing, raw lumber and whatever else that was looking to get smacked .


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Cue A Day

cue –n. – “An individual musical fragment intended to be used in a motion picture or TV/radio episode.”

As a compositional and production exercise, we’ll be roughing-out A Cue A Day for the month of August, and posting them via Soundcloud. We’re getting to know some new instruments and mixing toys, trying to speed up a demo process, and since our new studio came equipped with a Hoth-like air condition system, we plan on spending a good bit of time here during this historically sticky month.

A few simple guidelines to keep us on track:
– One 20-40 second cue a day.
-Quick, imperfect sketches
– Inspired by and composed from a specific, personal experience or emotion from the day or week.
– No more than 8 instruments/tracks.
– 25 minute production window, per cue, from tracking to mixing.
– Hit record, don’t over-think it.

Stay Tuned to our Twitter for a new cue each day!


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