“BLUE RUIN’ – Out and Available, pretty much e’rywhere….

Yowzas. A very exciting few weeks as Jeremy Saulnier’s “BLUE RUIN” has officially been released theatrically and digitally courtesy of the good folks at Radius TWC. It was exactly 1 year ago that Jeremy moved his things into our small studio for nearly a week, and didn’t leave until the score was complete. We knew we contributed to something special, and that Jeremy’s solid vision was becoming a strong film, but we had no idea it would end up where it did. After sailing through the prestige of international film festivals, “BR” finally landed stateside at SUNDANCE 2014, which we were not only able to attend, we were invited as featured composers at ASCAP’s Composer Spotlight. An amazing thrill and honor, which had us rubbing elbows, chugging cocktails and completely nerdin’ out with amazing composers from around the world. (Keep an eye out for Jess Stroup, another featured composer,  whom we had the pleasure to collaborate with this year on a film he was working on!)

Our inclusion in this film, and Jeremy’s belief in us to construct a “menacing dome of air” (verbatim descriptor of “bathroom stabbing” music), is a dream come true. Pinch us, please.

Check your local theaters by entering your Zip Code into Radius’s handy theater-finder. Download on iTunes or look it up on Video On Demand. Just in time for beach season, enjoy this weirdly dark, yet chuckle-worthy revenge thriller!



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