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SUNDANCE – 2014! (here we come…)

We’re giggling like the littlest of children as we prep for our Sundance 2014 trip, in support of “Blue Ruin”. We just wrapped the final score for the BR trailer, and it was a blast to get to revisit some of those scenes and images. Can’t wait for folks to see this movie, and we’re honored to have been invited to contribute to director Jeremy Saulnier’s amazing vision. ASCAP has featured us and the film in their Sundance Music Cafe Spotlight here, and if anyone happens to be attending the festival, come check out a screening! 


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“TRIBUTARIES” – A Modern Cantata – “That’s a Wrap!”

The last few months of 2013 were a whirlwind. Following our installation in The Water Works abandoned underground Kelly Pool, we began work on a mini-opera staged within the pool. “Tributaries: A Modern Cantata”, was a collaboration with good friend and wildly talented composer Craig Hendrix of The Agave Opera Company. With help from Victoria Prizzia of Habitheque Inc., and countless other artists, musicians and collaborators, the 4 act live performance came together in just under 10 weeks. On December 14th, we filled the pool with 150+ curious Philadelphians, a small, brass heavy orchestra, and 3 amazing vocalists.

We were thrilled to be invited to transform this forgotten-about historic structure into the most atypical of venues. Below are some images of the performance, and press links. Stay tuned for streaming audio and video of the performance!

Philadelphia Inquirer covers “TRIBUTARIES”




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